Wolf Lodge California

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Living in harmony with nature.

Rammed Earth Walls 2 feet in width

The density, thickness and thermal conductivity...

Rammed Earth Walls 2 feet in width

Environment and Sustainability is the corner stone at Wolf Lodge California. It is our very foundation since Wolf Lodge California is built from the ground up with the local earth. Rammed earth, also known as taipa in (Portuguese), tapial in (Spanish), and pisé (de terre) in (French), is a technique for building walls using natural raw materials such as earth, chalk, lime or gravel. P arts of the Great Wall of China were built using the rammed earth technique.

It is an ancient building method that has seen a revival in recent years as people seek more sustainable building materials and natural building methods. Because rammed-earth structures use locally available materials, they usually have low embodied energy and generate very little waste. The soils used are typically sub-soils low in clay (between 5% and 15%), the topsoil being retained for agricultural use. Where soil excavated in preparing the building's foundation can be used, the cost and energy consumption for transportation are minimal.

Rammed-earth buildings reduce the need for lumber because the frame work is removable and can be repeatedly re-used. In Wolf Lodge California all the frame work used for forms have been re-used for bookshelves, closets, etc. so not a single piece of lumber was left unused.

Rammed earth can contribute to the overall energy-efficiency of buildings. The density, thickness and thermal conductivity of rammed earth make it a particularly suitable material for passive solar heating. Wolf Lodge California maintains constant temperature through both winter and summer seasons.



  • My stay at the Wolf Lodge was great. The house itself is artistic and very comfortable, peaceful and quiet. It sits on the northern flank of a beautiful forested mountain, and one can take nice walks from the lodge enjoying the great views of nearby Clear Lake. Enjoy!

  • "Staying in a Manzanita grove is magical. It's a beautiful place and the location is great!"