Wolf Lodge California

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Why microgreens?

Most microgreen varieties contain more nutrients and vitamins than more mature vegetable greens! So, in addition to delicious, micro-greens are also a healthy addition to any diet!

How it works

Microgreens require daily attention for two weeks so pick a time when you aren't traveling.

Everyone has a green thumb—you just have to learn how to use it!

Okay so here’s the deal. You can always buy your micro-greens from a Farmers Market but we also encourage you to learn how to grow your own stash of micro-greens to have at your own disposal? We hope you are as fascinated about learning to grow your own micro-greens as we have been about growing them! We provide 3 ways for you to grow your own micro-geens:

Learn to grow Microgreens 3 ways:

Seed Living Micro-green Grow Kits – Simple & Easy Kit for growing micro-greens on your own

Grow With Me Workshop – Interactive 10-day Online Workshop w/Instructor

Grow For A Living – Intensive 5-day Course for Commercial Production

Microgreen Workshops & Kits
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  • My stay at the Wolf Lodge was great. The house itself is artistic and very comfortable, peaceful and quiet. It sits on the northern flank of a beautiful forested mountain, and one can take nice walks from the lodge enjoying the great views of nearby Clear Lake. Enjoy!

  • "Staying in a Manzanita grove is magical. It's a beautiful place and the location is great!"